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Current openings:

Mechanical Technician

Mechanical Technician

Zaiput Flow Technologies is currently seeking candidates to apply for a full-time Mechanical Technician position to assist in the assembly and testing of laboratory equipment.

Position Description:
The Mechanical Technician will work under the supervision/direction of a Design Engineer. The technician will be carefully supervised in their work to simplify navigating through multi-disciplinary projects, ensure efficiency and meeting of deadlines.

The responsibilities will primarily consist of assembly and quality control of products. Additionally, the candidate will also be responsible for laboratory cleanliness/maintenance. The technician will also construct test equipment according to the specifications of the Engineering Department and perform experiments. These tasks will require the use of a laser cutter, oscilloscope, drill press, CNC mill, 3d printer, etc. Any experience with this equipment will be beneficial.

Experience with laboratory equipment is a plus (pumps, transducers, flow meters, etc.).

Successful candidates will display an eagerness to learn and a commitment to succeed in a fast-paced multi-disciplinary environment.

1. Ability to work in laboratory environment with/around chemicals
2. Associate/Bachelor Degree in Engineering (or relevant Lab/Shop Experience)
3. Desire to learn

Desired Skills:
1. Ability to read and understand Engineering Drawings
2. Soldering
3. Machining
4. I/O & Serial Communication
5. SolidWorks (AutoCad)

Employment: The position is a full time position, the compensation package includes full benefits. If you are interested in this position, please send a cover letter along with your CV to

About Zaiput Flow Technologies
Zaiput Flow Technologies commercializes groundbreaking proprietary technology that enables continuous liquid-liquid separation for flow chemistry based chemical manufacturing (leveraged for pharmaceutical production).  Zaiput is committed to the development and commercialization of new, high quality tools for the enhancement and growth of flow chemistry.  As an MIT spinoff, innovative R&D are at its core as well as strong professional and ethical values.



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