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Testimonials from our customers

“We have been very pleased with the liquid-liquid separator from Zaiput. This device fulfills an important role in downstream processing of our flow chemistry equipment.”
Professor Steven Ley
University of Cambridge
“We have been using Zaiput liquid-liquid separators for efficient in-line phase separation in several projects successfully. They allow us to design multi-step sequences, to be run in continuous fashion for enabling scale-up preparations.”
Carlos Mateos, Ph.D.
Eli Lilly and Co.
"Must-have flow chemistry tools! We have been working with Zaiput’s products for a few years; both the separators and back pressure regulators are robust and reliable, even under intensive use. The combination of cost-effectiveness, reliability and modularity is very unique on the market. The in-line separators offer modular in-line capability for continuous extraction and work-up for complex multistep processes. They offer unique solutions for handling toxic or hazardous chemicals with no exposure. The design of the dome-loaded back-pressure regulators makes them dynamically controllable, thus enhancing control over the process parameters. Zaiput’s team is also very supportive, and offers custom solutions for various applications."
Jean-Christophe M. Monbaliu, Ph.D.
Center for Integrated Technology and Organic Synthesis - CiTOS
"We have been using Zaiput’s phase separator for the past two years. Overall, we have had a great experience with it. This phase separator is extremely easy to use and reliable. It can rapidly separate most organic and aqueous solutions. We also like to apply it to the separation of emulsions. More recently, we successfully used it for gas-liquid separation. It’s a good tool that any flow chemistry lab should have on hand."
François Lévesque, PhD
Associate Principal Scientist, Enabling Technologies, Merck Research Laboratories
“The back pressure regulator works incredibly well for our process! The regulator we were using previously was a single stage spring-loaded regulator, and it was giving us terrible stop-and-go flow so we looked to your device to help fix this. Since we are operating slightly outside of the flow rate ranges that you have tested, there was some question as to whether your device would function properly for our process. Well the answer is yes! We have experienced absolutely no “chatter” or stop-and-go flow. I have successfully achieved pressures up to 100 psi, and the setpoint does not drift over time as we experienced with the spring loaded regulator. ”
Trevor Rosensohn
Chemical Engineer, NALAS Engineering Services, Inc.
“I used the Zaiput Flow Technologies liquid-liquid separator for my work developing a semi-automated method to synthesize sequence defined synthetic polymers (PNAS 2015, 112, 10617-10622). The reagents used for the first reaction in our system complicated a coupling reaction downstream; thus, the Zaiput separator was critical to enable us to interface these two disparate reactions. The device is compact, easy to use, and reliable. Further, as evidenced by our experience, the Zaiput separators significantly expands the type and complexity of reactions that one can telescope in a single flow system. I highly recommend the Zaiput separator for anyone looking to enhance their capabilities in the domain of continuous-flow chemistry.”
Frank Leibfarth, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
“My group at NUS is focusing on development of flow systems to provide new chemical transformations and technologies with relevance to contemporary problems. Back-pressure regulator (BPR) is a key component in a flow system to control the pressure. We had experience with various types of BPRs and I have been impressed with the Zaiput BPR. It is one of the most accurate and reliable BPR we had ever used, with excellent chemical compatibility and easy manipulation. The Zaiput BPR contributes to constant gas/liquid slug flow whereas the spring-type BPR often gave un-even slugs because of the pressure fluctuant. More importantly, the robustness to the presence of solids in continuous-flow makes the Zaiput BPR our daily choice while most of other BPRs will fail with logging.

I had used the Zaiput Separator during my postdoc study at Jamison lab. The separators is quite robust. This modular capability of in-line separation has opened a greater level of process integration, especially aiming to future multistep automatic flow synthesis.”
Wu Jie, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore



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