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Zaiput Flow Technologies is dedicated to bringing innovative tools for continuous and batch separation processes to the market. Our products include liquid-liquid/liquid-gas separators, back pressure regulators, and multi-stage extraction platforms that are scalable, modular, and continuous. Whether you work in academia or industry, if you work in batch or continuous flow, we believe that our products will help to streamline your work, enable new approaches and allow you to harvest the power of chemistry.

Development Scale Liquid-Liquid/Gas-Liquid Separators

  • 3 modules accommodate 0–3000 mL/min
  • Small internal volume
  • Excellent chemical resistance
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Production Scale Separators & Extraction Platforms

  • Integrated liquid-liquid extraction for batch applications
  • High throughput for pilot and production scale
  • Increase plant capacity with continuous extraction
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Back Pressure Regulators

  • Pressurize streams to any set point up to 2 MPa
  • Work well with single/multi-phase flows
  • Excellent chemical resistance
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Multistage Extraction

  • Only existing tool for bench top CC-LLE process development
  • Quick and direct scale-up
  • Addresses the most difficult extractions
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News & Events

Zaiput at Flow Chemistry India Annual Conference

Zaiput at Flow Chemistry India Annual Conference on September 14th – 15th

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Zaiput will be at the OPRD CONFERENCE in Barcelona On October 2nd – 4th 2023

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Zaiput at CFRT 2023

Zaiput at CFRT 2023 | September 27th – 28th 2023

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Zaiput at CPHI 2023

Zaiput at CPHI 2023 – October 24th – 26th 2023

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Zaiput at ILMAC 2023

Zaiput at ILMAC 2023 | September 26th – 28th 2023

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Zaiput at Chemspec 2023

Zaiput at Chemspec 2023, Stand B190

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Inline purification in continuous flow synthesis – opportunities and challenges

This paper from University College Dublin does a great job of highlighting flow technologies that have addressed or have yet to address common workup steps in chemical synthesis. Zaiput’s separators were the primary focus of the Inline extractions/separations section where they were identified as the key technology in this space. The article also highlighted what […]

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Laboratory Scale Continuous Flow Systems for the Enantioselective Phase Transfer Catalytic Synthesis of Quaternary Amino Acids

This paper from Universita degli Studi di Milano and Taros Chemicals demonstrates how stereoselective phase transfer catalysis can be brought into flow. These systems show gains in productivity and space time yield compared to batch processing while simplifying the process. Zaiput’s separator enables an in-line work between reactive steps for a true flow synthesis process. […]

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Effect of dilution on the performance of ionic liquids in milliflow solvent extraction applications: Towards integration of extraction, scrubbing and stripping operations with in-line membrane-based phase separation

This paper from researchers at KU Leuven demonstrates various capabilities of ionic liquids and their applicability with Zaiput Flow Technologies in line separators.

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"We have been using the ZAIPUT© technology for more than 3 years now. It proves to be an efficient, safe, reliable, simple to use, perfectly scalable device, serving our large variety of hazardous and corrosive chemistries. It's an ideal tool for Liquid/Liquid or Liquid/Gas separation challenges."
Laurent Pichon President, MEPI, France
"A much appreciated device in our continuous flow development labs."
Joerg Sedelmeier, PhD Principal Scientist, Roche
"Zaiput's technology fundamentally changes the risk/benefit analysis of including or excluding an extraction step in a manufacture process. It does this by offering the opportunity to sidestep traditional extraction issues (emulsions, extended layer separations, and reproducibility) while harnessing extraction's inherent ability to control critical quality attributes."
John C. Roberts, PhD Director Corporate Relations, MIT
"We have been very pleased with the liquid-liquid separator from Zaiput. This device fulfills an important role in downstream processing of our flow chemistry equipment. "
Professor Steven Ley University of Cambridge
"The back pressure regulator works incredibly well for our process! The regulator we were using previously was a single stage spring-loaded regulator, and it was giving us terrible stop-and-go flow so we looked to your device to help fix this. Since we are operating slightly outside of the flow rate ranges that you have tested, there was some question as to whether your device would function properly for our process. Well the answer is yes! We have experienced absolutely no “chatter” or stop-and-go flow. I have successfully achieved pressures up to 100 psi, and the setpoint does not drift over time as we experienced with the spring loaded regulator. "
Trevor Rosensohn Chemical Engineer, NALAS Engineering Services, Inc.
"We have been using Zaiput liquid-liquid separators for efficient in-line phase separation in several projects successfully. They allow us to design multi-step sequences, to be run in continuous fashion for enabling scale-up preparations."
Carlos Mateos, Ph.D. Eli Lilly and Co.
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Our technology is used by The Top Pharmaceutical Companies Worldwide and has also been featured in 70+ publications, including:

Zaiput in Space

As space travel and extraterrestrial habitation become a reality, it is becoming important to be able synthesize chemicals in space. Liquid separation is a key step in liquid extraction, one of the common steps in pharmaceutical production.

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