Zaiput Flow Technologies specializes in membrane-based liquid-liquid/gas-liquid separators, back pressure regulators, and multi-stage extraction platforms for batch or flow chemists.

Development Scale Liquid-Liquid/Gas-Liquid Separators

  • 3 modules accommodate 0–3000 mL/min
  • Small internal volume
  • Excellent chemical resistance
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Production Scale Separators & Extraction Platforms

  • Integrated liquid-liquid extraction for batch applications
  • High throughput for pilot and production scale
  • Increase plant capacity with continuous extraction
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Back Pressure Regulators

  • Pressurize streams to any set point up to 2 MPa
  • Work well with single/multi-phase flows
  • Excellent chemical resistance
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Multistage Extraction

  • Only existing tool for bench top CC-LLE process development
  • Quick and direct scale-up
  • Addresses the most difficult extractions
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Continuous Liquid-Liquid Partition Chromatography

  • Low cost of operation
    (No solid stationary phase)
  • Ease of process development
  • Scalable from bench to plant
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