With Zaiput Technology, the Sky is Not the Limit.

Testing Zaiput's Separation Technology on the International Space Station

Zaiput’s separators were launched into space, first in December 2017 on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, and then in May of 2018 in a Cygnus capsule on an Antares Rocket (OA-9). The separators were then installed on the International Space Station as part of a Space Tango cube.

Remote Testing Under Microgravity Conditions Confirms Gravity-Independent Separation.

Results show that Zaiput’s separation technology performed equally as well on Earth as in Space. This confirms that Zaiput’s liquid separation technology has the unique characteristic of relying on surface forces rather than gravity to accomplish liquid extraction and is relevant to chemical extraction and manufacturing on Earth as well as in Space. Zaiput’s separators work independent of gravity.

Inside the Box

As part of the experiment, a Zaiput separator (SEP-10, orange) was compared with a modified separator (purple). Both separators worked well but the standard SEP-10 outperformed the modified one by achieving complete separation in all cases. This important result provides a confirmation of the design approach taken for this device and its scaled up versions.